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Q: What is ‘Ionic Hair Retexturising’ (IHR) treatment? Why is it different from other straightening products

A: ‘IHR’ treatment is a revolutionary professional hair straightening treatment only available in “IHR’ qualified hair salons. ‘IHR’ treatment is entirely different from other similar products. Thanks to the unique “ionising Technology’ that is incorporated in all ‘IHR’ products, ‘IHR’ treatment performs the best straightening result without any damage to the hair.

Q: What is Ionising technology?

A: Ions are small particles that gather around an object. When negative ions encounter water, they restructure the ion cluster of water. The water molecules are broken down to a fraction of the original size. As a result, water molecules
are now diminutive enough to penetrate through the cuticle, and eventually into the core of the hair.

Q: How ‘Ionising Technology’ is incorporated in ‘IHR’ products?

A: All ‘IHR’ products are formulated or designed to deliver negative ions. These are the essential element of the ‘Ionising Technology’.

Q: Does the Natural Ion Complex in the products ever wear out?

A: No, they do not. They will be effective during the life of the products.

Q:What is the benefit of ‘IHR’ treatment?

A: ‘IHR’ treatment retains the water content of the hair while straightening. i.e. straightening without damage to the hair.

Q: What are the expected results?

A: • Permanent retexturising result on treated area.
• Hair looks healthy, shiny, silky smooth and full of vitality.
• Less frizzy and static electricity. Very easy to manage on a daily basis.

Q: Who will need ‘IHR’ treatment?

A: Anyone who has naturally curly, frizzy, dehydrated hair and hair that is lacking in vitality. IHR treatment can be used on all hair types, including permed and colour treated hair.

Q: How long will the result last?

A: ‘IHR’ treatment result is permanent. However, in order to maintain the ‘IHR look’ of the hair, a retouch treatment is recommended
every 4 to 6 months for virgin (new growth) hair.

Q: How long will an ‘IHR’ treatment take?

A: About 3 hours, depending on length and condition of the hair. This will also determine the price of the treatment.

Q: Can I colour my hair after ‘IHR’ treatment?

A: • Wait for 14 days before colouring your hair if a permanent colouring product is used. The immediate contact with colouring products may lessen the retexturising result. If a semi-permanent colouring product is used, colouring can be done immediately.

Q: Any other tips in looking after ‘IHR’ treated hair?

A: • Avoid shampooing for the next 2 days after treatment.
• Avoid tying up or twisting hair for the next 10 days after treatment.

• To maximise the result, try using the full range of  products which
includes shampoo, conditioner your IHR salon
will be able to advise you on these products.

• Retouch treatment on virgin (new growth) hair is recommended.

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