Hi. We are a Great lengths hair salon! If you want to see how fantastic hair extensions are you’ve come to the right place.

Why choose great lengths extensions

Using 100% natural human hair, Great lengths extensions will look, feel and behave like your own hair, giving you the versatility to style,curl or even colour.

Instant change

From short spiky,to dramatic stunning locks. Amazing transformation are within your grasp. Explore your creative side and discover a whole new you.


Choose your perfect length from our range and bring the look of your dreams to life for any occasion

Volume and thickness

Good extensions should not be noticeable. But you won’t escape the attention caused by your new lustrous locks. Our 100% ethically sourced hair provides you with the volume and thickness you have always wanted.

About Our Hair

Great lengths are the only extension company to obtain and process our own human hair . The hair is sourced from the temples of india as part of their rituals and the revenue from the purchase of the hair goes back onto the community. Great lengths hair is 100% ethical and 100% traceable with over 55 colours including 17 blondes,plus pastel and jewel shades, in a range of textures, your extensions will be as natural as your own hair.

After care

Flat headed, soft bristled brush is most suitable with small sections of hair gently brush from the bonds to the ends of your hair on a regular basis, separate the bonds with your fingers to prevent matting. Then brush gently all over your extensions


We recommend you tie your hair in a loose pony tail to prevent tangling while sleeping


Great lengths extensions suit most lifestyles, but may need a little extra care in these circumstances:

regular swimming
regular sauna or steam room
excessive aerobic exercise
After these activities, use diluted final rinse anti-tap solution to restore your scalp to its natural ph balance. Remember always to dry bonds thoroughly.